The Childcare Mentor | About Lindsay Loomes
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About The Childcare Mentor

Lindsay Loomes, The Childcare Mentor, Childcare Centre Mentoring and Support

About Lindsay

I have a strong belief that every child deserves to be in a quality education and care setting and I believe that the success of a centre comes from strong management.

I am dedicated in supporting Centre Directors and their teams to be the best they can be for the children in their care. I have seen so many Centre Directors overwhelmed in their workload and I understand that small providers may not have the resources to employ an Area Manager.  I can assist Centre Directors in achieving the results they want for their service. It is a lonely job, and sometimes hard, so I can definitely be the support they deserve.

I want to help Centre Directors to see their centres in a different light. To see the possibilities rather than the struggles, to recognise the strengths in their team and empower them to lead with confidence.

I understand the role of a Centre Director and I know how to work with teams to create a positive working culture of respectful relationships where people band together. This in turn, changes the landscape of a centre; their occupancy rates, their A&R results and their reputation.

Contact me to find out how I can help your Childcare Centre